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Chinese Medicine is probably the world’s oldest, continuously practiced professional form of medicine.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized over 100 conditions that can be treated effectively by acupuncture, or that the therapeutic benefit from acupuncture has been shown.

At White Crane Medicine we treat a variety of conditions with specialization in fertility enhancement (both male & female), women’s health and sexuality, pregnancy and post partum support, mental, emotional and spiritual disorders, digestive complaints and pain (including headaches).
Specific conditions include:
High FSH; low AMH; decreased follicle count; premature ovarian failure; repeated miscarriage; PCOS; endometriosis; irregular cycles; poor sperm quantity/quality/motility; luteal phase defect; unexplained infertility; IVF or IUI preparation

Women’s Health
Painful periods; pelvic pain; perimenopausal symptoms; chronic urinary or vaginal infections; fibroids; polyps; ovarian cysts; excessive uterine bleeding; uterine prolapse; PMS

Anxiety; manic depression; depression; lack of sleep; addiction recovery; stress; melancholy

Pregnancy/Post Partum
Morning sickness; fatigue; anxiety; post partum depression; happy baby treatment; delivery preparation; increased milk production

Digestive Disorders
IBS; chronic constipation; chronic diarrhea; GERD/acid reflux; bloating; nausea and vomiting

Low back pain; hip pain; knee pain; ankle pain; heel/foot pain; neck & shoulder pain; arthritis; sprains/strains; facial pain/TMJ; sciatica; tennis elbow; carpal tunnel; headaches; migraines; fibromyalgia

Cancer support; eczema; hypertension; primary hypotension; neuropathy; Bell’s Palsy

If you don’t see your condition listed please contact us to discuss your individual situation.

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