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The roots of modern Chinese Herbal Medicine go back at least as far as the Hun Dynasty (206 BC to 200 AD).  Traditional herbal formulas are chosen for each individual by assessing a pattern of symptoms and formulating a Chinese diagnosis.  We then match a group of herbs (formula) to the pattern or Chinese diagnosis.  Rarely in Chinese Medicine are herbs used singularly.

Herb formulas come in a variety of forms including:  tea pills, capsules, tablets, powered and raw herbs which are made into teas.

Powdered and raw herbs are easily customized and changed as the patient progresses or as a situation changes.  The pre-formulated herbs are easy to take with you and do not require preparation.  We use all forms of herbal medicine in our practice.

All herbs are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and tested for their chemical composition and purity.  Although not all conditions absolutely require herbs, they can provide a stabilizing effect between acupuncture visits.

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