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I am extremely pleased with the fertility help I received from White 
Crane Medicine.  After numerous tests at a reputable fertility clinic,
I was given a 10% chance of conceiving on my own.  I decided to try 
acupuncture to attempt to have my own child before considering much
more expensive and drastic measures like egg donation.  On my first or
second visit, I asked Lori why so many fertility specialists refer 
people to her.  Her answer, which turned out to be so telling, was
"because I won't give up on you."  Lori put me on a holistic plan that 
included acupuncture, herbs, and changes to my diet and lifestyle.  
She managed my expectations, she always had rationale explanations for 
the changes she asked me to make, and she believed I could get 
pregnant.  And I did!  I have a healthy and happy 1 year old and now 
I'm going back to Lori to work on baby #2!

- Ambryn D.-Golden CO

Lori is probably the most intuitive and empathetic person you will ever meet. I truly believe she was born gifted as a healer. I am manic depressive, but I was determined to carry my own child, and Lori's treatments made that possible. Even my very conservative and traditional psychiatrist credits Lori with enabling me to manage the periods of conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding with very little medication, when I am normally on quite a bit. Moreover, our twins are very happy and contented babies. White Crane is a serene, welcoming, and pristine place you will look forward to visiting again.

-Julie S.-Byers CO

 Everyone who's ever had a nagging pain anywhere in their body understands what a relief it is when it subsides and then is eventually gone. That's what Beckie's help did for me through acupuncture.  With her expert help, she was able to take the continued pain in my forearm and heel away.  With several treatments and then with a maintenance program, I can go through my daily routines and not have to deal with the pain!!!! I will continue with at least twice a month or whatever is suggested, to maintain the progress that has been made.  The pain has been there for quite awhile, so I know it will take some time to get it completely under control but I'm on my way!!  Best money ever spent!!!!  Thanks! 
-Dave B. – Parker CO

“Relief / Needles “normally an oxymoron, this natural type medicine is anything but!  In one month I spent $1600 in out of pocket expenses visiting the emergency room, chiropractors, massage therapist and prescribed pills to unlock my tense neck muscles, which were a result of stress at work from a new computer system. A co-worker recommended Lori at White Crane for acupuncture. Approaching the idea cautiously I asked multiple curious questions and decided I would try, thinking to myself…”It couldn’t hurt!” The result was unlocked neck muscles, no more hot flashes, and a paradigm shift of what I think about natural medicine.  My advice is suffer less, keep your savings, and add her phone number to your cell, although I have rarely needed it since her help.

-Karla U. -Lakewood CO

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